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    Wired Brush Flooring

    Have you heard about wire brushed flooring? It’s one of the hottest flooring trends for 2018, and it’s no surprise why. This texturizing technique is a great option for homeowners who want a durable, hardwood floor that can hide dirt stains and scratches. It complements the popular farmhouse style, another reason why homeowners and prospective homebuyers are falling in love.


    Let’s learn more about wire brushed hardwood flooring and the benefits you can expect.


    What is Meant by Wire Brushed Flooring?


    The term “wire brushed” refers to the finish of the hardwood flooring. With this method, a hard-bristled brush is used to scrape the wood planks. This process exposes the heartwood, or the inner part of the tree trunk. As a result, the wooden planks have a more rustic look compared to a traditional glossy appearance.


    Wire brushed wood is similar looking to reclaimed wood or barn wood. Not only is this look highly favored but also it hides scratches, dirt stains and imperfections better than traditional glossy planks. With a textured matte finish, wire brushed hardwood is suitable for high-traffic areas like kitchens and hallways. If the flooring does develop marks over time, you won’t notice them.


    What Benefits Can You Expect?


    By choosing wire brushed hardwood flooring for your home, you can enjoy the following benefits:


    • Rustic, natural look. If you prefer the look of reclaimed wood, you’ll appreciate the wire brushed technique. Decorate your home in the stunning farmhouse style!


    • Fewer imperfections. If you have a busy home with kids or pets, you can enjoy the look and feel of hardwood without worrying about scratches, dents and stains. Wire brushed floors hide these imperfections.


    • Enhanced durability. The wire brushing process exposes the heartwood, leaving you with rougher, textured floors. The floors are also less slippery so you don’t have to rely on area rugs.


    • Authentic and original. Distressed hardwood looks more authentic, giving your floors a one-of-a-kind look. None of your neighbors will have a floor that looks like yours!


    • Diverse woods. Some wood species are better candidates for wire brushing than others. Before you have this project done, be sure that you have a suitable wood such as hickory or oak.


    Almost any home can benefit from wire brushed hardwood floors. If you are interested in bringing ruggedness, durability and a beautiful design to your home, call us today for a quote on wire brushing.


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